The sea supplies me .....
     I just gather it up.

Hello, and welcome to Julia's Driftwood.

Firstly I must tell you that I love what I do and my aim is to provide quality products at the most reasonable prices.

Obviously none of the Items I produce can be replicated exactly as the materials can't be purchased from a main supplier (I collect what is available), therefore I keep to the design ordered as near as possible.

If you have any bespoke ideas or designs, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I will consider all ideas and budgets.

I’m more than happy to work with the customer or you can just leave it to me.
Once the item is made, photos will be sent for your approval.

I'm so very lucky to be living in Cornwall doing something that I love. Down here we get some very big seas, and when we do I put on my rucksack and climb down the cliffs into the coves that aren't easy to get to. These coves give me the best Driftwood, Rope, Buoys and Flip Flops.

I'm always wearing flip flops cos I don't like anything on my feet, the downside is they are always getting broken climbing the cliffs, the upside is I often find one washed up. Usually I'm unlucky and find the wrong foot so I end up coming home wearing flip flips!

My partner (Man) and I also have a little boat called 'Scavenger', if you follow me on Facebook I can promise you a laugh at some of our antics.

Enjoy The Site.